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Our mists are enchanted to enhance the energy and vibration of your atmosphere/environment; combined with your own enchanted intentions for dezired effect. Our enchantments are energetically infused using Reiki, crystals, herbs, and/or essential oils. Our divine line is created to bring you high vibrational, positive, and magickal experiences. The Premium mist are additionally enchanted with multiple compatible energies such as lunar energy, solar energy, cosmic events, etc. 


Our premium mists are enchanted with the many compatible energie such as Reiki, universal elements, essence of Divine beings and beneficial energy of herbs, oils, and crystals for purposed intent. The mists are uniquely blended to enhance the vibration of your atmosphere, workings (rituals, healing, manifesting, etc.), as well as increase your vibration through setting a magickal and mystikal ambiance. 


Curio only

Made by hand; enchantments may vary

Intended for atmosphere not personal consumption or use

Shake well before use

4 ounce mist with crystal chips

Can also be used in diffusers, candles and rituals, and alter spaces. 

Listing is only for the 4 ounce mist; any other items in pictures are for photography only

Premium Enchanted Vibrational Mists

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.01Sale Price
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Enchantment of Love

    Sentiments of Serenity 

    Realm of the Dragon 

    Realm of the Fae

    Syrens Allure

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